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What to plant in yard, what NOT to plant?

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Even though these plants are prohibited from being planted in natural areas or riverbanks, many of these plants are sold in nurseries to homeowners.  When planting the undesired foliage in our yard, they end up in natural areas and riverbanks.  The homeowners do not realize these plants are invasive.  Plants and trees are good…plants and trees that choke out diversity and natives are not so good.  Choose wisely!

The following is a list:

Scientific Name ~ Common Name ~ Why the tree or shrub is undesirable/invasive/susceptible to problems

Fort Wayne and NE Indiana is Hardy Zone 4 – It is important to use plants adapted to our climate so they do not need to be watered after 1 year, because they will be watered naturally!
This tells you many of the preferred trees
(start at pg. 7 if you would like the LIST)

My proper tree planting always includes COMPOST from my home

The following is a well written article that explains and documents how “Foreign Plants and Animals Conquering Native Species” ~ Why to plant the preferred trees rather than others

This is more information on WHY to plant natives (University of Minnesota) and includes” submerged plants