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RiverFest at IPFW – Save Maumee Represented

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Presentation: June 22, 2013
  10:30AM – 11AM
Title: What can we do to make our 3 Rivers better; In-depth thought into surface water
Director, Abigail King said SMGO will release their new initiatives at RiverFest, that will “draw many eyes to the importance of water quality.”
“We plan to demonstrate the symbiotic relationship between stream health and how it is directly related to human health and recreation.”
By: Abigail King, Save Maumee Grassroots Organization Director & Founder

Secretary of Heartland Communities Inc. (Save Maumee’s nonprofit 501C3 fiscal sponsor)
Upper Maumee Watershed Partnership Treasurer
Maumee Valley Heritage Corridor; Region I Environmental Consultant
Abigail King and Bag Monster receive the collection plate from the UU!

Abigail King and Bag Monster receive the collection plate from the UU!


Save Maumee Grassroots Organization will be passing out native riverbank seed & chaff in salvaged reusable cotton-cloth bags at RiverFest.  SMGO wants these diverse and desirable contents to be planted on any local streambank.
Directions on the bag include, “if you want these seeds to grow, and work to improve water quality; only plant where nothing green grows, dirt is exposed, near an open water source, in an area that will NOT be mowed.  Then STOMP the seeds down flat with your shoes, flattening the open soil down, so it does not float away during the next rain.”
On 100% volunteer hours alone, Save Maumee has removed 26,728 lbs of rubbish from Fort Wayne’s Three Rivers. In place of the trash removed, the group planted over 2,000 trees and works to rehabilitate native species.  Since 2005, hundreds of volunteers have planted 900 lbs of seed and hundreds of pre-grown plants to slow erosion and sedimentation on riparian areas.  Strategies for erosion control through vegetation establishment has successfully promoted protection, raised awareness and inspired advocacy through educational hands-on projects.  To date, Save Maumee has been a 100% volunteer group that depends on the “kindness of strangers,” with donations and memberships from the public to support their work public events.
  • 2008 through 2013, Save Maumee Grassroots Organization was chosen by Healing Our Waters to represent northeast Indiana for Clean Water Week in Washington, D.C., meeting with Federal Legislators.
  • 2011 Hoosier Environmental Council chose Save Maumee as “Indiana’s Organization of the Year”
One of our hundreds of volunteers, planting along the Maumee River

One of our hundreds of volunteers, planting along the Maumee River

The group encourages active public participation by joining Save Maumee at Hall’s Gas House from 7-8:30pm, the First Monday of Every Month Meeting.

Next meeting is August 5th, 2013 – ALL WELCOME
What’s in the reusable bag? Native riverbank seed & chaff, meaning it is the protective casing from the seeds & attached stalks, which help to keep the soil loose as propagation begins. These seeds are from the region, and will grow into plants that are acclimated to local climates and soil types and wildlife are adapted to this native vegetation. We want these diverse and desirable contents to be planted on any local streambank in an area that will NOT be mowed.

IF you want these seeds to work to improve water quality;
1) only plant where nothing green grows & dirt is exposed, near an open water source
2) Stir up the soil with a stick or shoe and gently work the mix into the ground
3) cover with less than 1/4th inch soil
4) press down with your shoe to keep it in the ground.

Notice the prices reflect value of our natural resources, and they are going up because they are not getting any easier to find!
Hundreds of volunteers plant hundreds of "plant plugs" and trees!

Hundreds of volunteers plant hundreds of “plant plugs” and trees!

DIVERSITY is very important. COST TO PURCHASE (based on 2013 prices)
Prairie Drop Seed $15/oz or $225/LB
Common Milkweed $11/oz or $170/LB
Tall Iron Weed $18/oz or $265/LB
Wild Bergamot/Monarda $20/oz or $304/LB
Evening Primrose $5/oz
Acorns that grow into Oak Trees $7/LB




Saturday, April 6th, 2013
Save Maumee Grassroots Office  800 Glasgow Ave.  Fort Wayne, IN 46803 2nd Floor

Save Maumee Grassroots Office
800 Glasgow Ave.
Fort Wayne, IN 46803
2nd Floor


2013 Earth Day Flier

EARTH DAY is Sunday April 21st from 11am-4pm

Map here for all the FUN on Earth Day!


Our social media outreach and updates have been sparse since my loving father AND our webguy, Brad Frost is very ill with cancer.


For more updates on a regular basis….check out our FACEBOOK!

Call if you need anything or would like to participate!
Abby 260.417.2500
EMAIL: Abby@SaveMaumee.Org

Fun Events & Information

Friday, October 19th, 2012

Happy Harvest Season!

UPCOMING Lake Erie Waterkeeper, Save Maumee FUN STUFF!
Before Winter weather sets-in and we update the whole website (not so fun)!

  • TODAY ~ SATURDAY OCTOBER 20, 2012 our 4th Annual Seed Harvest at Little River Wetlands Project from 1pm-4pm    Rain or Shine Exact Location & Details HERE – Apologies for not sending earlier…we are STILL 100% volunteers and doin’ the work!
  • Lake Erie Waterkeeper, Save Maumee ECOWALK – Tuesday November 6th at 4pm.  So go out and vote…then come to 1901 Niagara Dr. Fort Wayne, IN – to finish planting some of our hundreds of native plant plug and tree donations!  See our past pictures from EcoWalks
  • 1st Monday of EVERY month at Hall’s Gas House from 7-8:30 Lake Erie Waterkeeper, Save Maumee Meetings – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – November 5th is the next meeting, 305 E. Superior St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802.
  • Maumee Valley Heritage Corridor invites you to “The Future of History, Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Community in the Maumee Valley” Saturday November 12, 2012 from 9:30am-2pm in Woodburn. The keynote speaker will be Canadian Consul General, Roy Norton.  Abigail King will be presenting “How’s the Water? Common environmental issues along the entire Maumee River,”  along with many other presenters and lunch. To register contact Angie Quinn 260.450.2057 or email

PAST EVENTS:  Too many to list here, but wanted to show you some pics and highlights of a few of our past accomplishments in 2012!

  • 2012 Canoe Clean Up – 60 volunteers cleaned-up a dumpster full of garbage from the St. Mary’s River while we listened to local musicians play! ….see the day here:
  • Our River Rummage Sale in July was a success!  Everyone involved said it was too much work, so hope you enjoyed it this one time! Special thank you for all rummage donations from people.  Save Maumee donated ALL the unsold merchandise to: The Rescue Mission, Charis House, St. Vincent DePaul, 2 womens shelters, and several homeless individuals we met during the day.   Pictures of the day here:
  • Celia Garza and Abigail King represented NE Indiana at the 8th Annual Great Lakes Restoration Conference
  • Save Maumee’s displayed an experiment to demonstrate how erosion is harmful to the waterways at the New Haven Farmers Market


  • Save Maumee’s northern bank near N. Anthony Blvd. is now “Wildlife Habitat Certified.”  This is the area where we implement our erosion control projects! The signs will show site location and should be here in about 6 weeks!
  • Save Maumee has partnered with North Manchester University to mentor one of their graduating students. Morgan Hill will be graduating next year with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies, and a Minor in Business.  WELCOME TO OUR RIVER FAMILY MORGAN HILL!
  • Hailey Gardener was our Summer 2012 intern from IPFW. She is now an active volunteer and member of Save Maumee! She continues to work with us, so no need to say goodbye to our fabulous worker…THANK YOU HAILEY!
  • Abigail King, director of the Save Maumee Lake Erie Waterkeeper program, was interviewed in the documentary “ROMANCING THE RIVER: A MAUMEE LOVE STORY” that premiered on WGTE’S “TOLEDO STORIES,” OCTOBER 18, 2012 AT 8:00 P.M  We are requesting this documentary to be played in Fort Wayne on our local pubic station, WFWA-DT PBS39.
  • Two reports are being released in December 2012 about the Maumee.
    1. Water Quality Data of the Upper Maumee Watershed and its tributaries will be released thanks to the 319 grant received by the Upper Maumee Watershed Partnership.
    2. The Nature Conservancy’s “Blueprint of Lake Erie” report.

Other Things Goin’ On:

  • The Hoosier Environmental Council’s 5th Annual Greening the Statehouse Forum, Saturday, December 1 from 8:30 to 3:30 at the University of Indianapolis.  This year’s event will be on HEC partnering with organizations across the state to discuss strategy and tactics that will improve the environment and the health of Hoosiers for the upcoming 2013 legislative session starting in January. Panel discussions and speakers will analyze the summer’s drought and its effect on recreation, agriculture, quality of life, water resources, economic development and climate change. Together we’ll educate and rally attendees on policies to advance public transit, green energy, sustainable agriculture, and protection of our rivers and lakes.
    Registration fee of $20/general admission or $10/student includes entry to the forum, keynote speaker, panel discussions, and lunch.  Register before Oct 31 for a $5 off Early Bird discount per ticket! TO REGISTER CLICK HERE: 
  • Public Notices for NE Indiana.  We watch the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permits (NPDES) as they are issued and reissued.  NPDES are straight pipe discharge permits of chemicals into water  by industry.


GET READY 2013! Save Maumee will be hosting its 1st Annual Membership drive in late Winter! New supporters and long time contributors alike will come together to become members for the first time with Save Maumee! Together, through broad base support we will be stronger than ever!


Save Maumee receives $25 for every FREE energy assessment completed by Energizing  Indiana. You can SIGN UP HERE and send it back via email or snail mail. Energizing Indiana will schedule a convenient time to come to your home and provide you with valuable information on where you are losing the most energy and money. As an added perk you have these gifts to look forward to:

1. FREE – 9 CFL light-bulbs, 3 sink aerators,  and 2 low flow shower heads (they do not affect your water pressure) – to conserve energy and water.
2. Homes located in pre-designated areas, may receive up to $10,000 worth of energy efficiency installations to their homes (i.e. insulation for attic/walls, windows, thermal blanket for water heater etc).
3. Upon completion of your home assessment, Save Maumee receives $25/home within 60 days!

Energizing Indiana program is funded through our utility rates. The program’s goal is to reduce Indiana electricity use 2% by 2019. We support Energy Efficiency as means of helping to reduce Indiana’s 96% reliance on coal-fired power, which is incredibly harmful to our waterways.

You can still sign up even if you live in/rent a duplex or mobile-home.

It is an extremely easy way to help our efforts! You get free stuff and save money on your electricity bills!  WIN WIN!

CLICK HERE: to sign up!.

Sincere appreciation for your support,

Abigail King
Lake Erie Waterkeeper, Save Maumee Program Director

305 E. Superior St.
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Find Us:
Lake Erie Waterkeeper Website
Save Maumee Website
Save Maumee Blog



Friday, July 13th, 2012

little waterkeeper logo
Hello River Lovers,

River Rummage Sale ~ THIS Saturday July 14 – First Day of the 3 Rivers Festival Parade – on the Historic Wells Street Bridge – Behind Wells St. and Superior St. in downtown Fort Wayne…just off the parade route.  BIG, LARGE, HUGE SALE! 8am-5pm  – Proceeds go to Lake Erie Waterkeeper, Save Maumee Program for true river improvements.

SaveMaumeeLogo 2

Come buy our stuff! Come on, you’ll already be downtown for the parade and 3 Rivers Festival

  • 5 semi-trucks full of STUFF you can re-purpose with your purchase!  THANK YOU for your kind and generous donations!
  • Bring your dead batteries and we will dispose of them properly ~ DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY ~ FREE DISPOSAL
  • Waterbarrel demonstration = FREE LEARNING
  • Repurposed art = FREE THINKING
  • Chaff plantings = FREE STUFF
  • Food Not Bombs feeding us from NOON-2pm = FREE FOOD
  • Meet our hard-working unpaid river volunteers = FREE HELP

river rummage

Other Upcoming Events:

** 1st Monday of every month – Public meetings for river action and are looking for your inputon ways to truly improve waterways tangibly 7-8:30pm at Halls Gas House on E. Superior St. – Next meeting is August 6th

**1st & 3rd Tuesdays – EcoWalk Work Group – corner of Niagara Dr. & N. Anthony Blvd. 4-5pm

**September 8, 3rd Annual Save Maumee Benefit Show...local, live and FUN entertainment at VIP Lounge on HWY 24 (still working on details)

**September 15, 6th Annual Canoe Clean-Up, Can YOU Clean-Up  – Fort Wayne Outfitters/Bike Depot on Cass St. 11am-3pm

**October 20  5th Annual Seed Harvest at Little River Wetlands Project 1pm-4pm

**8th Annual Earth Day Celebration and Cleanup 2013 – THE BIG ONE!  May be a few changes this year…stay tuned

So, if you are wondering what Save Maumee has been doing since Earth Day…it is amazing! YOU should be involved!

In 2012 ALONE with ONLY unpaid volunteers we have:

  • Planted 200lbs of native riparian seed on local riverbanks
  • Planted 100 native trees at Earth Day while removing 4,000lbs of trash from Fort Wayne’s Rivers
  • 8th Annual Earth Day event attracted almost 400 volunteers
  • Learned and taught about living-on-the-land & homesteading
  • Removed invasives such as garlic mustard and teasel from nearby river areas
  • April 2012 Edition – Fort Wayne Monthly Magazine
    Save Maumee’s Abigail King is featured in “20 Questions”
  • Save Maumee made it into the “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame”!  We were in the credits for Dean Jay’s Documentary!
    Nova Rex – It Ain’t Easy Being Cheezy
  • Represented northeast Indiana in Washington D.C. for Clean Water Week’s, Great Lakes Days from 2008 to 2012
    CLICK HERE for our 2012 Newsletter – D.C. Edition
    CLICK HERE to read who we met with, and what we said:
  • Sat at many river meetings, to represent the health of our waterways and the citizens that depend on clean water
  • Polar Bear Jumping at Johnny Appleseed Park on New Year’s Day
  • Attended the largest ever National River Rally in Portland, Oregon and met with Robert Kennedy Jr.
  • Spoke at local colleges & for the Girl Scouts
  • Held an aquaponics workshop to teach how to set-up a fish and food growing operation in your backyard, with aquaponics expert Ernest Rando
  • Raised awareness about our waterways SUCCESSFULLY!

Lake Erie Waterkeeper Inc., a chapter of the international organization Waterkeeper Alliance, Executive Board voted to make Save Maumee responsible for the Maumee River! We joined forces with Lake Erie Waterkeeper to further our work and our message!  Thank you Heartland Communities as we leave your gracious fiscal sponsorship and align with Waterkeeper Alliance – WE LOVE YOU!

All our money comes from our fundraisers and kind individual donors…so give till it hurts…OUCH…or bring your $ to the River Rummage Sale!

Other things you should know:

  1. Overall, contaminants in Indiana waterways include pesticides, priority organics, copper, lead, ammonia, cyanide, low dissolved oxygen, total dissolved solids and chlorides, habitat alterations, oil and grease.  30,321,380 lbs of toxic chemicals are released per year into our waterways.
  2. Indiana – 29 percent of all beach water samples had bacteria levels higher than public health standards allow, according to the NRDC’s 22nd annual “Testing the Waters” study.  Beaches were closed 379 times in Indiana in 2011 due to public health standards for safety.
  3. Indiana State issues call to reduce use of water in drought
  4. Cleaning up rivers is the right thing to do, and “initiatives to decrease sewage flowing into rivers would never have happened but for government intervention.”
  5. In 2008, Indiana was the seventh-largest source of mercury pollution in the country, according to the EPA’s most recent figures.
  6. Which fish have the highest Mercury content?


Save Maumee Earth Day 2012 ~ 7th Annual Celebration

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012


Sunday April 22, 2012

Plant Plugs and volunteers from Earth Day 2011


Come to our Open-Non-House!

Plant trees, seed, plant plugs, install erosion control mats and remove garbage on the banks of the Maumee when you have an hour or five to spare, rally for clean water, support your local waterways…and have fun doing it with live entertainment!

Cleansing the riverbanks of garbage 11am – 4pm  – You won’t be able to miss it meet us at the big tent!


    On the corner of N. Anthony Blvd. and Niagara Dr.

    We will meet here:

  • View Larger MapPEOPLE WITH TRUCKS BE HERE AT NOON! – We will be sending you to remote sites for clean-up of other river areas! WHAT TIME exactly are things happening?  Well, the day rolls out like a rushing river so here is a general guide to events….
  • 11am – I.C. Coldwater will present on water quality locally
  • 11am – 3:30pm – Silent Auction (see items for bid below)
  • 11am-4pm     Education & Displays all day  (see time sheet at INFO table when you arrive)
  • NOON – Bring your trucks meet at the dumpster for remote site clean-up
    In 2012 we plan to remove trash from streams and waterways from Eagle Marsh to I 469 in New Haven – WOW!
  • 12-3 Grateful Groove – Grateful Dead Cover Band
  • 1:30pm – Edible Herb Education – Jain Young – Herb Specialist
  • 2:30 – Children’s Story Time
  • 3pm – Birds of Prey Demonstration – Soarin’ Hawk Raptor Rehab
  • 3:45  Silent Auction WINNERS ANNOUNCED (must be present to win)
  • 4pm – Save Maumee STOMP- Help us to secure new seeds planted on the banks of the Maumee to insure they root into the streambank~ NO STOMPING ON NEW LIFE GROWING!

Unspecified time events:
Delivery of 25 pizza’s from Sports & Spirits
Natural Scavenger Hunt
Face Painting
Face Sketching from local artist Jerrod Tobias
Rainbarrel Demo from WeCycle
Enviroscape ~ to explain on a little scale, how water drains in our watershed on a larger scale!
How to make a “natural” water filtration device for emergency water use demonstration
Free schwag (cool stuff to give away) – many sponsors for this!

What are we installing to help the natural environment filter runoff?
1 acre worth of seed
200lbs of chaff
Hundreds of trees (don’t plant near power poles or 15 ft. from the sidewalks)
Hundreds of plant plugs (pre-grown plants)
4,500 sq. ft. of erosion control mats

Silent Auction List  ~ to keep our “free” events free…bring your checkbook….we’re having a silent auction!

  • 3 Organic Grown Bartlett Pear Trees
  • Downtown Grind gift basket
  • Foellinger Theater – 2 tickets to choice of Cherish the Ladies, The Guess Who, or Starship
  • Fort Wayne Children Zoo – family fun packs – two of them
  • Fort Wayne Outfitters/Bike Depot – 1/2 day rental for two on kayak or canoe rental
  • Hall’s Restaurant – $50 worth of gift certificates
  • Kreepydoll – made from salvaged material
  • Neuhouser Nursery gift basket
  • Organic knitted item
  • Paula’s Seafood – $50 gift certificate
  • Painting from local artisan Jerrod Tobias
  • Pampered Pets gift basket
  • Two competitors working toward cleaner water and YOUR health.  It shows the importance of our work when competitors work together for clean water…everyone wins!
    1) “Prana Yoga” –  2 hour Thai Massage and Yoga 101 Classes
    2) “True Potential” – Yoga Fit Classes & Henna Tattoo
  • Random Act of Gardening – Will provide you a 10X20 garden, services include: tilling, plants, seeds – (The 3 sisters beans, squash, corn) broccoli, peppers and two other food choices for your new garden…request what you prefer! Approximate value $200 – approximate hours of service to complete your garden is 5 hours.

More Silent Auction items coming as we send you this email so this is NOT a comprehensive list – THANK YOU to all sponsors!


  • THIS WEDNESDAY – April 18th – from 4pm-10pm Eat at Texas Roadhouse on Lima Rd. and help our rivers!
    Save Maumee receives 10% of all food sales IF you show them this email!  Meet us there!
  • May 2nd (Wednesday) at 7-9pm Ernest Rando coming to teach us about aquaponics at Fort Wayne downtown Library ROOM C – he will have working aquaponics demo there and include a list of all plants, fish and veggies we can grow with aquaponics.  Will answer questions and present from basic gardening skills to technical questions! Coming from Gary, IN for his presentation…so we are requesting $15 at door to cover costs.
  • May 5th & 6th – Sol Fest, Abby received a full scholarship to the National River Rally in Portland, Oregon and if we are to participate at Sol Fest we need volunteers so CALL ABBY if you can help to run the enviroscape….just ask and we’ll help you prepare! 260.417.2500
  • Saturday ~ September 15th ~ 5th Annual Canoe Clean-Up, Can YOU Clean-Up @ Fort Wayne Outfitter / Bike Depot
  • Saturday  ~ October 20th ~ 4th Annual Save Maumee Seed Harvest @ Little River Wetlands Project /Eagle Marsh
    (NOT Fox Island County Park in 2012) we are giving that prairie a rest from harvesting.—-MEETINGS NEED ATTENDANCE SO WE KNOW YOUR OPINIONS TO IMPROVE OUR RIVERS —-

    Save Maumee, Lake Erie Waterkeeper wants you to attend our monthly action meetings

    Permanent meeting place & mailing address
    Don Hall’s Old Gas House
    305 E. Superior St. Fort Wayne, IN 46802  (cross street is Spy Run)
    7PM-8:30 sharp
    Free coffee and tea will be served – tip not included

  • Monday May 7th, 2012
    will be our 2nd meeting ever, but we are moving quickly to create the board and move projects forward
  • Monday June 4th
  • Monday July 2nd
  • Monday Aug. 6th
  • Monday Sept. 3rd
    you get the idea

Information you should know:

  1. “Indiana Tops Nation in Water Pollution”
  2. or “AK Steel nation’s premiere toxic water polluter”  Indiana leads the nation in the release of toxic chemicals into water
  3. Corporate farms can sue you for taking pictures or complaining about them
  4. FDA prohibits certain antibiotics for cattle, swine, chickens and turkeys to preserve the effectiveness of treating humans….
  5. Antibiotics and other drugs have been found in drinking water.
  6. Tell Congress: Access to clean drinking water is a basic human right!
  7. “America’s Waterways received 226 Million Pounds of Toxic Chemicals
  8. Save Maumee “Earth Day draws attention to clean water initative”
  9. PLEASE COMPOST IT – and use as fertilizer so we don’t have more blue-green algae in the Great Lakes!

Save Maumee ~ Voted “2011 Organization of the Year (video)” by Hoosier Environmental Council – article about it here:

Thank you for your continued support for the ENTIRE Lake Erie Basin,
See you this week!


1. Find a bare area where grass needs to grow…don’t walk on the other new life!
2. Stir up some dirt with your shoe or stick
3. Sprinkle sees in the raked up dirt
4. Cover the newly planted seeds with the other dirt you stirred up
5. Step-on the freshly planted seeds to hold them in the Earth!
6. On your way back from your walk, pick up all the garbage with the bag!
7. If you find something hazardous and feel uncomfortable touching it…Save
Maumee Representatives will be there to assist in removal!

* Single-pot meth labs look like a plastic bottle with a hose coming out of it. 

* By the way – PLEASE take heed that the Maumee River is on the 303 (d) list for impaired waters….this means it contains enough e. coli to make you very ill.  If you need a story to bring this point home, PLEASE READ THIS

Don’t just dream about clean rivers…Come out & help rain or shine….if not you….WHO?

In your yard Cottonwoods and Mulberry may be unwanted, but these “trash” trees are beneficial to riverbanks.

We choose this area because it is where the trash has the first chance to collect downstream of all the armoring (removal of trees/grasses and replacing with rock and pavement) upstream.  This is the first area the trash has a chance to collect on the streambanks.

What we did in 2011 CLICK HERE for longer VIDEO


What we did in 2010 CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO- Part 1 of 6!

What we did in 2009 CLICK HERE!

Over the years musical talent has included:
Dave P., Grateful Groove, Will Brown from the Afrodiasiacs, Beyond all Rational Thought, Carol Dean and Les Lesser, The Wilderness, Anthony Garr, Sounds of Saturn

Cleaning up your dog’s poop on a walk will also improve water quality, so don’t forget your plastic baggie when you grab Rover’s leash! – Dogs are not prohibited, but not encouraged at the event…


  • ALWAYS looking for donations of NATIVE seeds, NATIVE trees, NATIVE pre-grown plants, NATIVE bushes, soil sand, and straw bales
  • Face Paint
  • Prizes for hard working participants (a.k.a. schwag)
  • Food donations – single serving – Board of Health Certified
  • Waterproof rubber Boots & “waders”
  • Trash grabbers (garbage picker-uppers)
  • minnow nets
  • whistles for around the neck in case of emergencies
  • Flat “John Boat”and/or outboard motor (can provide a tax deductible receipt)
  • Someone who will commit to letting us use their copy machines, lamination machines, printers to make copies of related Save Maumee material that will be distributed to the public.
  • Earth Friendly garbage bags this year?
  • Suggestions for the event include recycling facility – a possibility, but most of the rubbish is river dirt, muddy – unsure to date
  • REUSABLE water bottles – prefer stainless steel or plastic that is NOT  Bisphenol A (BPA)  – we want BPA-free plastic
  • More Mats + More Seed = More $.  Bring your wallet, but this is a FREE event!
  • All money from the previous year goes to erosion control mats and purchase of more seed/trees/plugs for next year

Brian Foster Taking in the Maumee River Trash!

Updates from 2011 Earth Day -LAST YEAR

NO CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP: 100% donations from our local citizens go only and directly to best management practices for naturalization of riparian areas – this is what grassroots organizing is all about! ALL VOLUNTEERS~ All money came from: Grateful Music Productions/Save Maumee Rock Out-Camp Out, Berlin Music Pub’s PUNK PARTY, Save Maumee Earth Day 2010, Save Maumee Canoe Clean-Up 2010, Save Maumee Presents: Sounds of Saturn & Les Nester at Dash-In, Sports & Spirits Bar & Grill. Namaste to many small monetary donors! Save Maumee did not raise as much money as last year but we are very proud to supply you with these effective erosion control techniques for OUR riverbanks!

Save Maumee Grassroots Organization attempted to make national T.V. ~ (yea we wish) we want the media to help us draw attention to our efforts and many issues that face our waterways because we want CLEAN WATER. If you do not want to be video recorded, be aware of the cameras and keep working out of sight & sign the waiver. ~ EVERYONE WELCOME!

Disclaimer: Save Maumee does not carry power as to the fate of our rivers. YOU DO! People need to feel more connected to each other, to nature, and to the things that are most valuable. We feel a personal connection to our waterways and love our rivers and we want you to as well. Civic duty and helping your fellow man should be words that fall from your mouth continuously. We want this event to leave you hopeful and empowered. Please realize that we all want the same thing – CLEAN WATER. Water is a right not a luxury and keeping pollution out of our rivers is our priority. We do not talk politics, but you are making a political statement by being here.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, dedicated citizens can change the world… indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

Special THANK YOU from Save Maumee to ALL the people who helped bring all of us together this year! Our events are FREE but ALL donations go to projects like this one! Give till it hurts – OUCH!
See our thank you list!


Save Maumee goes to Washington D.C. represented northeast Indiana for Clean Water Week

Friday, March 9th, 2012

 Peter Visclosky & Clean Water Advocates in front of the Capitol Building!

If you would like to see what we said in Washington D.C. last week – CLICK HERE for Save Maumee 2012 Newsletter:

Save Maumee Grassroots Organization represented northeast Indiana for Great Lakes Days again this year in Washington D.C. for Clean Water Week, through a grant from Healing Our Waters.  Save Maumee volunteers have represented northeast Indiana in D.C. every year since 2008!  This year was special though because we had Save Maumee volunteers, Celia Garza, Bruce Allen, Ryan Bailey and Abigail King all in attendance!

Today, streams and lakes suffer from a legacy of toxic pollution, the spread of invasive species, and loss of habitat.  These factors, among others; threaten jobs, public health and way of life for people who depend on clean water!  Clean water, in fact, has ranked as the number one environmental concern for the last 10 years!

125 people were included in the creation of this document if you would like to know more!
“Great Lakes Regional Collaboration”

On February 28th & 29th Save Maumee volunteers Bruce Allen, Celia Garza, Ryan Bailey and Abigail King spoke to the following federal legislative offices.

U.S. Federal Senators:
Dan Coats met with Celia Garza
Richard Lugar met with Abigail King

U.S. Senator Dick Lugar’s Meeting

U.S. House of Representatives:
Marlin Stutzman met with Abigail King, Bruce Allen and Ryan Bailey
Joseph Donnelly met with Ryan Bailey
Mike Pence met with Bruce Allen
Peter Visclosky met with Abigail King, Celia Garza and Bruce Allen

Abigail King, Bruce Allen & Ryan Bailey from Save Maumee - outside U.S. House of Representative Stutzman

Save Maumee representatives were only one group representing 8 States and 2 Provinces of Canada.  These groups speak for over 30 million people who depend on The Great Lakes and their tributaries for drinking water.   Representation of groups that lobbied on Capitol Hill included: Alliance for the Great Lakes, Save the Dunes, Great Lakes Commission, Fresh Water Future, National Wildlife Federation, American Rivers, Waterkeeper Alliance, Restore the Earth, Cardno JFNew, Hoosier Environmental Council, and Natural Resource Conservation Services, Northwest Indiana Forum, League of Women Voters and National Parks Conservation Association, just to name a few.

Priority issues for the groups were:
1. Great Lakes Restoration Initiative – protecting $300 million from a 20% budget cut – President Obama has requested $300 million for Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) in 2013. Fully implementing the GLRI is a strategy projected to generate at least $50 billion in long-term economic benefits.  Over 22 million Americans live in the Great Lakes basin and an estimated 1.5 million jobs generating $62 billion in annual wages are directly related to the lakes.  Nearly 700 projects are producing measurable results for our waterways!  Clean rivers and lakes are good for the economy!

The Great Lakes maintains a $7 billion dollar industry for fishing, so it remains very important to maintain the language of the Clean Water Act.  We requested that legislators not support weakening of the language of the Clean Water Act, and asked that they also not support any weakening of the EPA’s ability to use their power of enforcement and oversight.

2.    Asian Carp – Support full implementation of Asian Carp Control Strategy Framework; accelerate the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s study to protect against inter-basin transfer of invasive species.  If you would like to see our local available entry area for Asian Carp, read the letter here: from Betsy Yankoiak, Little River Wetlands Project’s Executive Director

3.    Incorporate strong Great Lakes conservation provisions and funding in the 2012 Farm Bill.  Conservation of land will help to protect waterways by reducing soil erosion and nutrient runoff.  We need strong provisions and funding for conservation and restoration efforts that address soil and water conservation.
Congress must maintain funding levels for these programs at $6.2 billion – a new Great Waters Regional Conservation Partnership Program in the next farm bill.

4. Invest in infrastructure, separate sewers while repairing and upgrading aging infrastructure. Make efforts to begin separating storm water from sewer drainage. Reauthorize and provide funding for the Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Funds.

Jay Jensen, Federal Land and Water Manager and speaking for EPA Director Linda Jackson, discussed the White House’s “Restoration Action Plan,” and “Restoration Initiative.” The challenge lies in communication; White House cares about the environment, but is also deeply focused on deficit reduction and job creation.

Abigail King & U.S. House of Representatives, Peter Viscloski

Great Lakes Restoration at work in Indiana:

Many groups are collaborating with the federal government to implement a comprehensive restoration strategy for the Great Lakes.  This partnership is generating on-the-ground actions that will improve Indiana’s economy, environment and the quality of life.

Great Lakes Commission Fact Sheet on Indiana: A vital Economic Asset for Indiana


you can find the 2012 Commission Meetings and other fact sheets 

Meetings Recap of LaFarga Copper LLC (Steel Dynamics Inc.)

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

On January 12, 2012, the Allen County Drainage board had their beginning talks about reconstructing the Bandelier Ditch #3.  Abby Frost-King and Celia Garza specifically requested from different contacts within the Surveyors office, to be informed of the day they would begin conversations. We were not called about this first meeting. They explained that this was only the introduction of the project and that there would be additional meetings. The Drainage Board meets the second and fourth Thursday of every month at 9:30am in the Council courtroom Suite 035 in the Garden level of Citizens Square. The next meeting will be January 26, 2012 at 9:30am. If they continue to speak and plan for this ditch improvement, it is imperative that we all attend to share our opinions…even though we have been informed that there will be a “public hearing” after the plans are in place and THEN the public who live in the area will be able to comment on their findings.

Save Maumee had attended the last Allen County Drainage Board meeting of 2011.  We requested the review of the restructuring of Bandilier Ditch #3, since it seemed necessary to do this work before LaFarga Copper LLC (Steel Dynamics owned) is built on this partial floodplain.  In addition, they would be required to install a retention pond on the property, to aid draining and storage of water. Originally, the “restructuring” of the ditch was, to our understanding, necessary for the new copper facility to be built. In previous meetings we understood that LaFarga was to pay for the restructuring of the Bandilier Ditch #3 and no plans had yet been designed.

1) Who is paying to restructure Bandilier Ditch #3?
2) If it is Allen County citizens, why is the drainage board planning to restructure this ditch at this time…rather than 2 years ago, or next year?

The residents of New Haven have been in a state of unrest since Steel Dynamics Inc. announced their intention of moving a copper processing plant into the community. On April 27, 2011 officials of Omni -Source and Superior Aluminum held a meeting in which they spoke with residents about this investment. After listening to complaints from neighboring citizens, they realized the primary concern is a combination of pollutants coming from a new plant, as well as an existing plant (all owned by Steel Dynamics) called Superior Aluminum. A plant that neighbors have experienced previous problems with pungent odors and colorful metallic scented emissions. The EPA regulated ambient air monitors that determine pollutant levels to be compliant with the NAAQS (National Ambient Air Quality Standards) in Allen County are located 7.4-10 miles upwind of where the two plants will be located. This fact left little comfort to those that live within the area and whose health and property would be negatively impacted by additional emissions. Residents shared this knowledge with President Mark Milet and former CEO Keith Busse on October 18, 2011. They compromised by telling everyone at the meeting, they were going to install a spot light on the smoke stack for nighttime view and process monitors (which were described as being only video cameras). They also extended an invitation to the community to tour the new plant when it’s completed. At this time, a date has not been released for a tour of the new facility, and the company has not yet installed a spot light or video camera to their smoke stacks on Superior Aluminum.

An appeal has been filed on the air permit for the SDI LaFarga LLC copper processing plant. The hearings with the Office of Environmental Adjudication (OEA) began on December 19, 2011. Evidence will be presented and expert witnesses will appear at future hearings to ensure that the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) properly reviewed and approved the air permit for the SDI LaFarga copper plant. Investigation will continue until the OEA comes to a verdict. For more information, or if you live in the area and want to become involved, please e-mail


2011 Tribute to our local Rivers

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

We wanted to commemorate our achievements for Save Maumee’s “Organization of the Year 2011” presented to us at Butler University by Hoosier Environmental Council.

So, if you would like to see why we were chosen for the award, check out our video with local musicians Elephants in Mud.

ALL pictures in the video were taken in 2011 ~ Click on the picture!

Save Maumee Work 2011

Save Maumee Grassroots Org. wins “Organization of the Year Award”

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Awards Ceremony at The 4th Annual Greening the Statehouse Policy Forum will be held on Saturday, December 10th at Butler University’s Reilly Room at Atherton Union in downtown Indy from 8:30am-3pm.  So join us for education from Indianapolis policy experts and environmental groups. For reservations call Jesse Karbanda at 317.685.8800 ext. 103

The Hoosier Environmental Council, Indiana’s largest environmental policy organization, has claimed “Save Maumee won Organization of the Year!”  Abigail King, Ryan Bailey and Jain Young will be accepting the award for the group. Supporters of the day include Sierra Club, Blue Green Alliance, Carmel Green Initiative, Indiana Green Business Network, Indiana Recycling Coalition, Indiana Wildlife Federation, Save the Dunes, City of Indianapolis-Office of Sustainability.

Save Maumee has been chosen as a result of the positive impact on the community, the group’s great volunteer spirit, passion for the health of the rivers in the Great Lakes region, and ability to organize a number of very successful volunteer driven river clean-up and restoration events.

Northeast Indiana Rivers Represented in Washington D.C.

Save Maumee has been chosen by Healing Our Waters to represent Northeast Indiana for Clean Water Week during Great Lakes Days in Washington, D.C. The event will be held Feb. 28-29.

Every year, more than 125 citizens from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin travel to our nation’s capital to educate public officials about the importance of the Great Lakes to the region’s economy and quality of life.

Needed Action for Congressmen discussion;

* Enforce current laws

* Support legislation that protects natural areas.

* Proper review of permits for corporations and stronger oversight and enforcement of permits. If fines are levied when a company discharges beyond allowed permit effluent, the monies can be utilized to truly improve water quality for human health.

*  Indiana HB 1112 was passed and July 1st 2012 manufacturing waste (considered hazardous and illegal to discharge into the air or water), will now be added to soil and consider the soil to be “amended,” a.k.a. better than it was before.

 *  Tiles, straight pipes and National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) outlets should be properly counted and available to the public on Indiana & Allen County GIS maps.

* Establish Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL’s) for the Maumee in Indiana, and complete the Upper Maumee Watershed Management Plan so the community knows the priorities of our waterways.

* Rules being developed by the Indiana State Chemist will regulate livestock waste as a fertilizer material, but do not take into account the pathogens in manure. It is important in disclosing information on when, where, and how much manure is land applied to Indiana fields, and note it will have allowances to spread manure on frozen fields.  All this will allow more runoff into our waterways.

Save Maumee wants to see ALL people come together to improve the quality of Fort Wayne’s Three Rivers and thirty-four million that depend on the Maumee River, downstream. All these issues have workable solutions.


Save Maumee Grassroots Organization is dedicated to raising awareness about the conditions of the 3 Rivers in Fort Wayne, Indiana, while facilitating ecosystem restoration projects to improve water quality. Revitalizing the St. Joe/Maumee Watershed will protect and restore the environment, while improving the economic, aesthetic and recreational value. Research into historical importance of our navigable waterways and current pollution conditions began in 2001 and Save Maumee began bank-stabilization projects in 2005. To date Save Maumee has planted over 1,500 trees, 800lbs of native riparian seed and removed 22,000 lbs of trash on volunteer hours and in-kind donations alone.


JOIN US for FREE River Loving FUN!

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Upcoming Events:    ALL events are rain or shine ~

SATURDAY ~ September 17, 2011-  Save Maumee’s 4th Annual Canoe Clean Up, Can YOU Clean Up? 
11am- 4pm Free canoes for the day at Fort Wayne Outfitters Bike Depot with ID.  Spend a fun day with family and friends on the river cleaning up and educating yourself! First come first serve Canoe Clean-Up Details HERE

SATURDAY ~ October 22nd, 2011- Save Maumee’s 3rd Annual Seed Harvest at Fox Island Nature Preserve
1pm – 4pm, Come pick seeds that we will plant on our riverbanks for Earth Day 2012  Seed Harvest Details HERE

Friday Sept. 30th and Saturday Oct. 1st.  ~ Northeastern Indiana Sustainable Living Fair and Market held downtown Grabill, IN
Free attendance and if you would like to be a vendor or speaker please contact Julia Gorrell at or 260-418-0071
Friday Sept. 30th, Save Maumee’s Founder will be speaking~exact time will be updated the website here!

Other Recent Events:

**Save Maumee Grassroots Org. appreciates the recreational fun on the St. Joseph and St. Mary’s thanks to Friends of the River!  In 2011 Three Rivers Festival had its first local river event since I attended Northrop High School.  Progress is being made and there are truly reasons to celebrate.  Let us reflect on ways to truly improve our local Three Rivers to benefit all citizens in Fort Wayne.

Save Maumee Grassroots Organization’s 2nd Annual Berlin Music Pub Benefit Show Was VERY FUN! Thank you to all the dedicated people who made this day possible!       
Presented by BMP Pro & TME
The SumMorz – 10pm
Taylor Fredricks – 8:30pm
To The Point – 7pm
Azraels Revenge – 5:30pm
Selenium – 4pm
Corey Rhymez – 12:30am
11M12D – 12am
Twisted Aversion V1.0 – 1am
The 6 Foot Maniac
Count Grootmaniac – 1:30-2am

WHAT ELSE: Featured Pudding Wrestling, Live Music All Day Long, Games, Prizes, Drawings, An Evening Cookout, Acoustic Performances Throughout The Day!  It was interesting that I received an email that said it was vulgar and sexist that we were having pudding wrestling….well, just so you know the only people that got splatted with pudding was Save Maumee’s own Ryan Bailey and Abigail Frost-King! If you missed it…you really missed it! HA HA!

*Fort Wayne Local Bands Come Together For A Great Cause & To Give Back To Its City, With A Mix Of Rock, Metal, HipHop, Alternative, Punk, Acoustic, & Cover Tunes ALL DAY LONG!

THURSDAY – September 15th, 2011 at 5:30pm ~ IDEM (Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management) held a public meeting to discuss air permitting for Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) All statements will be considered to make a decision whether to issue or deny the permit. IF you would like to make a comment it NEEDS to be postmarked before Monday night at midnight or email Doug Wagner before midnight at or call him at 317-233-2629

***Concerns from citizens have risen due to  Steel Dynamics Inc. applying for air quality permits for its new copper rod production facility in New Haven that will create 35 jobs.  Remember: What goes up into the air, must come down…into our waterways and land.  Based on equipment capacity, IDEM  permit will allow this one plant to release; 71,703 tons of greenhouse gases, 88 tons of particulate matter, 68 tons of volatile organic chemicals, 66 tons of nitric oxides, 23 tons of sulfur oxides, 9 tons of hydrochloric acid, and nearly 4 tons of formaldehyde and 1.2 tons of hexane. So COME TO THE MEETING (above) (Journal Gazette, “SDI joint venture applies for air permit”)

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, “Copper plant plans gathering opposition”
EPA-Steel Dynamics on clean-air violations
Full Draft Permit – 143pgs.

~  Save Maumee’s 6th Annual Earth Day 2011 was a GREAT SUCCESS!  ~  CLICK HERE FOR OUR FUNNY VIDEO!


Watch our Earth Day Video from 2010!

Watch Save Maumee’s 2011 PSA

Thank you for your continued support ~ Help us to speak for your rivers!


Abigail Frost-King

Save Maumee Grassroots Organization Founder
Watershed Expert
Indiana Master Naturalist

Save Maumee is a 100% citizen driven, volunteer, environmental restoration group that works to improve the Maumee River in Fort Wayne through work and awareness raising; To have a positive impact on the 24 million people who depend on clean water downstream…We all live downstream!
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