FUN on Fort Wayne Rivers!

Happy New Year…2011 here we come!  The Polar Bear Plunge on New Year’s Day has a great turn out in Fort Wayne! Check out the video!

Ring Leaders of the Plunge Girls in BathrobesBikers Overlooking EventsOverlook of FestivitiesSpectators on the south side of the St. Josephimg_4735.JPG

2 Responses to “FUN on Fort Wayne Rivers!”

  1. Leslie Blue says:

    There is no way in heck I would polar bear swim in that nasty river.. YUCK! It is not safe.

  2. Julie Horney says:

    I understand there are precautions to take to increase your safety on the water: 1) don’t eat or drink on the water or after direct contact with the water; use hand sanitizer first; 2) avoid water aerosols and consumption of the water during water sports; 3) rinse of you, your equipment and your pets after water exposure; 4) immediately report poor water quality to local officials; 5) be mindful of water runoff wherever you are in watershed areas, ie. dispose of liquids appropriately! and 6) get involved in the solutions! That involves everyone!

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