Primary’s over…election to come

So politics are directly related to water issues….who gets the money and what issues will be addressed and which ones take priority?  Here is the 2009 Indiana State Senator Listing by District. (updated 3-25-10)

Click on one to see the
1. District of your Senator
2. First / Last Name
3. Party
4. Office Phone Number
5. Email Address
6. City Represented (or surrounding areas)
7. Total campaign contributions that legislators accepted from Utility, Coal, Oil, or Railroad Corporations (
8. 2008-2010 Average Percentage of Pro-Consumer Voting (v/s voting big business)

Pro Consumer Voting Recordpro-consumer-voting-record-2.jpgpro-consumer-voting-record-3.jpg

I thought you may want to know who should get the votes!

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